May 10, 2017

Summer is just around the corner


If yesterday I was able to wear easy-breezy culottes and sandals, today I am in jeans and sport shoes, a very weird weather if you ask me.
Yet, I am constructing my new Summer wardrobe in my mind and can't wait to be able to wear my new tops and skirts! 

I hope you are all doing great wherever you are, I am mostly dividing my time between two jobs, I am in urgent need of some coffee right now actually and I am continuously idealizing a vacation that I hope will come soon!

How excited are you about Summer?

navy0 navy4 navy navy1 navy5 navy6 navy2

Wearing: H&M culottes, Shein top, necklace from HERE , New Yorker bag, Zara jacket, Stradivarius sandals

May 1, 2017

Birthday girl

birthday girl  

Today is my birthday! ( as if that is not clear enough from the pictures, title and balloons) I never had this kind of balloons, not when I was little - actually back then, you could barely find regular balloons -  so I thought I would treat myself not with a cake, but with some fun, colorful photos I could revisit  years later and smile with joy. 

 I hope you like them as much as I do and I wish you all have a great day as much as I will!

  birthday girl2birthday girl3 birthday girl4 birthday girl5 birthday girl6 birthday girl1 birthday girl7

April 19, 2017

Smart casual look for Spring

floral blazer4  

Looking back at these photos makes me wonder how can the weather change so rapidly from sunny Spring to rainy Autumn. It feels as if we skipped Summer and went straight in November. Blame it on global warming or on mystical forces, but I simply find it hard to deal with. 

 So, my attempt for a new Spring outfit inspiration, a kind of smart casual look, feels like a joke right now in my country, but I hope that the rest of you who live in warmer climates are experiencing a much more delightful time and could actually dress like this! 
 The floral print blazer is a must have for me in the Spring season, this one has quite a relaxed, casual cut, so paired with some straight pants and a simple top really gets your attention and that is the whole point right?

 Right, well, for the next week I am back to my rain coat and heavy clothing (hopefully not sweaters!) so, I hope that during this time I won't have to post an article titled "Back to Winter".

  floral blazerfloral blazer5 floral blazer2 floral blazer0 floral blazer3

Wearing: Sheinside blazer, C&A trousers, no name shoes, Adona bag, Zara top